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Listen to R. Kent Hughes discuss this new book by his colleagues Vern Poythress, Iain Duguid, G. K. Beale, and Richard Gaffin.

The Authors

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What People Are Saying

Robert W. Yarbrough

Professor of New Testament, Covenant Theological Seminary

“As true heir of Old Princeton, Westminster Theological Seminary has borne the torch of Reformed theological inquiry and pedagogy like no other North American seminary. Recent debate among its own faculty over two approaches to Scripture—Christocentric and Christotelic, respectively—called forth this book. With compelling appeal to Vos and Machen, and with succinct hermeneutical statements by current faculty, the authors rearticulate what Christocentric interpretation means and will continue to mean at Westminster.”

Wayne Grudem

Research Professor of Theology and Biblical Studies, Phoenix Seminary

“I am happy to recommend this book because, as a Westminster Theological Seminary student in the 1970s, I was so excited about what I was learning that I could hardly wait to get to my classes. Especially wonderful were classes that showed the amazing unity of the Bible when understood in a system of Christ-centered biblical interpretation. That is the same system of interpretation that is taught at Westminster today and is affirmed so clearly in this book. I am also glad to see that this book clearly explains and rejects alternative approaches that deny the complete truthfulness of Scripture and that are inconsistent with the legacy of faithful commitment to Scripture that has marked Westminster Theological Seminary since its founding.”

J. I. Packer

Board of Governors’ Professor of Theology, Regent College

“The organism of divine Christ-centered verbal revelation that we know as the Bible is both more deeply encultured and more profoundly transcultural than any of us ever grasps; but Westminster Theological Seminary has always led the pack in this quest, and still does, as the present book shows. It is very much on the right lines.”

Nancy Guthrie

Author, Seeing Jesus in the Old Testament series

“A depth of riches. That’s what Westminster is as an institution. And that’s what comes through in the pages of this brief but signicant book.”

Thomas R. Schreiner

James Buchanan Harrison Professor of New Testament Interpretation and Professor of Biblical Theology and Associate Dean of the School of Theology, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

“What a delight to read this simple (but not simplistic) book on how to interpret the scriptures from members of the Westminster faculty. We are reminded of a fundamental principle of biblical interpretation: the scriptures are the word of God. . . . Warmly commended.”

Russell Moore

President, Southern Baptist Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission

“Every text has a context. That’s not just for verses in chapters or chapters in books, but books within the context of the Bible. This book, by some of the most respected scholars in the world, rightly argues that the context of every biblical verse is the scriptural witness to Jesus Christ and his gospel. I commend this new work to anyone who preaches or teaches or studies the Bible.”

David F. Wells

Distinguished Senior Research Professor, Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary

“Ours is an age rife with relativism and self-absorption. How refreshing, then, to read a book like this that makes the case for saying that God’s Word is coherent, its truth consistent, and that it is the means by which we stand addressed by God. But the authors do more. They also develop the principles by which we should understand this Word. Even though it was given over many centuries, its primary author, God, always had in view the incarnation and death of Christ. Christ is at the center of this revelation. This is what Westminster has always stood for, sometimes against great odds, and it is most commendable that this is being reaffirmed today so clearly and convincingly.”

Stephen J. Nichols

President, Reformation Bible College; Chief Academic Officer, Ligonier Ministries

“This is the clearest, most concise, and most compelling case for the Christ-centered interpretation of all Scripture. Since the day Machen opened the door, Westminster has produced generations of pastors and teachers who faithfully and persuasively proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ. These essays by Westminster’s current scholars tell us that Machen’s legacy is in good hands.”

Philip Graham Ryken

President, Wheaton College

“Studying biblical theology at Westminster Theological Seminary was a life-shaping experience for me. The professors there helped me see the deep structure of Scripture, in which every passage in each testament communicates the gospel of Jesus Christ. This has brought joy to my Christian experience and spiritual vitality to my ministry, as I expect this book from the same school will do for many readers today.”

Kevin J. Vanhoozer

Research Professor of Systematic Theology, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School

“This is as clear a statement of the ‘Westminster way’ of reading Scripture of which I am aware. Anyone who wonders what Westminster Theological Seminary is all about would do well to consult this interdisciplinary commentary on Christ-centered biblical hermeneutics.”

Guy Prentiss Waters

James M. Baird, Jr. Professor of New Testament, Reformed Theological Seminary, Jackson

“At its founding in 1929, Westminster Theological Seminary dedicated itself to upholding the authority of the inerrant Word of God and to training its students to study the Bible confessionally and covenantally. Over eighty-five years later, it is a delight to see several senior members of Westminster’s faculty unapologetically reaffirming these core commitments. . . . Whether you are new to the study of the Scripture or a seasoned reader of the Bible, Seeing Christ in All of Scripture will help you become a more thoughtful and careful student of the Old and New Testaments.”

Cornelis Venema

Professor of Doctrinal Studies and President, Mid-America Reformed Seminary

“Seeing Christ in All of Scripture is a gratifying and encouraging book. Gratifying in that it testifies to the continued commitment on the part of Westminster Theological Seminary to the historic Reformed doctrine of Scripture and a method of interpretation that corresponds to this doctrine. Encouraging in that it promises a perpetuation of the vision of ‘old Princeton’ and J. Gresham Machen, founder of the seminary.”

Benyamin F. Intan

President, International Reformed Evangelical Seminary, Jakarta, Indonesia

“I found this collection of essays on hermeneutics to be vital, as it emphasizes the necessity of ‘an organic Christ-centered interpretation of Scripture.’ In line with J. Gresham Machen’s standpoint, Westminster Theological Seminary’s current biblical scholars and theologians provide us with the highest view of Scripture, along with Christocentric understandings of redemptive history. This masterful work is a testimony to Westminster’s integrity, and it deserves to be used as an excellent text for hermeneutics classes.”

Thomas Schirrmacher

President, Martin Bucer Theological Seminary; Chair of the Theological Commission, World Evangelical Alliance

“Historically, Reformed seminaries in Europe—Geneva, Edinburgh, and Leiden—have been at the forefront of formulating and defending not only the doctrine of Scripture, but also proper hermeneutical and exegetical methods. In the New World, Westminster Theological Seminary has now taken the lead. What is the relationship between Christ (the governing principle of Scripture) and a verse-by-verse study of the Bible? This volume of essays by four major biblical scholars teaches us how to provide this question with an orthodox answer and yet remain open to scholarly discussion. I heartily recommend it to all students of biblical interpretation.”

O. Palmer Robertson

Director, African Bible University of Uganda; author, The Christ of the Covenants

“This book is a succinct affirmation of the unity, progressive unfolding, and Christ-centered character of the Old and New Testaments. The four articles interact effectively with contemporary efforts to modify unqualified commitment to the written form of the Bible.”

In Whan Kim

President, Daeshin University and Seminary

“Westminster has been a distinctive champion in defending the faith and developing biblical principles and methods of hermeneutics in conformity with biblical teaching at the cost of possible sacrifice. In this book, the contributors, preeminent scholars in the area of biblical hermeneutics from Westminster Theological Seminary, present to the world the clearest and most legitimate guide of biblical principles and methods for interpreting the Bible. Hence, this book will be most beneficial to theologians, pastors, theological students, and all serious believers who desire to stand firm on the authority of the Bible and interpret the Bible accurately.”

John M. Frame

J. D. Trimble Professor of Systematic Theology and Philosophy, Reformed Theological Seminary, Orlando

“Westminster Theological Seminary has long taught and emphasized that Christ is the main theme of all Scripture. Recently, however, there has been controversy there over how he is the theme, especially of the Old Testament. I confess that this controversy has confused me. But Seeing Christ in All of Scripture: Hermeneutics at Westminster Theological Seminary has been a real help. It is certainly the clearest writing in the controversy so far, and it expresses very well the position that the seminary came to embrace. I’m hoping that it will get a wide readership.”

Mark Jones

Senior Minister, Faith Vancouver Presbyterian Church, Vancouver

“Westminster Theological Seminary has been heroic in their defence not only of the Scriptures as the inspired, infallible, inerrant word of God, but also in their approach to understanding and interpreting the Bible in a manner that doesn’t betray this commitment. . . . In this book we have several penetrating essays from established scholars in their field who pioneer the way forward for sound biblical interpretation.”

Allan M. Harman

Research Professor, Presbyterian Theological College

“What this book does is set out in a superb way the basic hermeneutical principles that must underlie a Reformed evangelical approach to Scripture. For over seventy years Westminster was known for a unified approach to Scripture by all its faculty. After the more recent disputes, this book reaffirms with delightful clarity how we are to approach the interpretation of inspired Scripture, and in particular where Westminster stands on these issues. Peter Lillback introduces the book, and Vern Poythress, Iain Duguid, Greg Beale, and Richard Gaffin have contributed outstanding chapters that are going to serve a wide readership. They have brought the discussion down to a level that will ensure many Christian readers will grasp what is at stake, and find the content of this book sets out principles that will help direct their study of the Scriptures. This book, notable for both its clear exposition of the subject and its concise discussion, needs extensive distribution and use.”

Liam Goligher

Senior Minister, Tenth Presbyterian Church, Philadelphia

“Perhaps no other issue facing the church today carries with it pitfalls and trajectories for error and for damage to the Bride of Christ than that of faulty biblical interpretation. Westminster Theological Seminary has a glorious track record of pulling us back again and again to the essential components of biblical hermeneutics. In our day the seminary has brought together biblical scholars and teachers with a heart for the glory of Christ in their interpretation of the Scriptures. Here in one place you will find a safe guide to the riches of the Bible’s witness to Christ in all the Scriptures. I commend it highly and urge it upon all who have a heart to know God and His Christ.”

Howard Griffith

Associate Professor of Systematic Theology and Academic Dean, Reformed Theological Seminary, Washington DC

“Seeing Christ in All of Scripture nicely captures how the Westminster faculty handles the Bible. As a God-Authored whole, Scripture reveals the saving, exalted Christ. He comes to us, ‘clothed’ in these words. . . . Deep orthodoxy and profound commitment to the written Word continue to make Westminster a blessed place to train for ministry.”

William D. Dennison

Professor of Interdisciplinary Studies, Covenant College

“In view of the recent controversy surrounding hermeneutics at the seminary, it is refreshing to hear that the Board, faculty, and student body are recommitting themselves to the historic orthodox and Reformed doctrine of Scripture, its method of interpretation, and its implications for the life of the church. The essays in this volume are a welcome reaffirmation of the modus operandi of that tradition which was embodied in the first generation of the seminary. The words of Machen’s essay in this volume reverberates in each of the essays so that the message of the self-attesting Christ of Scripture cannot be missed as the foundation of the seminary’s service to Christ’s glorious church. As an easily accessible volume, pastors and laity will greatly benefit from the instruction and the edification of the authors in this work.”

Richard L. Pratt Jr.

President, Third Millennium Ministries

“For generations, the faculty of Westminster Theological Seminary has called for scholars, pastors, and lay people alike to see Christ throughout Scripture. This volume sketches approaches to Christ-centered biblical interpretation that remain true to the full authority of the Scriptures and to the lordship of Christ over all.”

Herman J. Selderhuis

Professor of Church History, Theological University Apeldoorn, The Netherlands; Director, Refo500

“In John Calvin’s typical style of ‘clarity and brevity,’ the authors of this book reaffirm what Westminster Theological Seminary stands for. They draw connections, open perspectives, and invite consideration and discussion. Toward the five hundredth anniversary of the rediscovery of ‘sola Scriptura,’ these four articles not only demonstrate the connection between Luther’s theses and Westminster’s theology, but also offer essential contributions to the present discussion on hermeneutics.”

J. V. Fesko

Professor of Systematic and Historical Theology and Academic Dean, Westminster Seminary California

“In a day when biblical scholars and theologians obstruct the view of many in the pew, this book removes the obstacles so that the towering figure of Jesus Christ clearly emerges from the pages of Scripture. This book is brief and un-technical but rich in terms of its theological significance for understanding that Jesus Christ stands at the center of redemptive history and the Scriptures. Anyone interested in learning what it means that all of Scripture speaks of Christ should consult this little book.”

Paul Wells

Emeritus Professor, Faculté Jean Calvin

“Writings on hermeneutics are ironically notorious for often being convoluted and obscure. Only after many twists and turns does one emerge with relief from a labyrinth. Not so this little book, which has the merits of brevity and clarity that make it a joy to read. Striking here is not the current insistence on the Bible as an ancient and all too human text, or the challenge for today’s reader to find a cipher to make it mean something, but commitment to respect the text for what it is. This means taking the dual authorship of Scripture seriously, which alone allows mining the treasures of Christ that bring knowledge of salvation and incentive for proclamation, so serving the solas of a reformational heritage.”

T. David Gordon

Professor of Religion and Greek, Grove City College

“The four essays in this small volume do more than declare the position of Westminster Theological Seminary in Philadelphia; they also succinctly and clearly promote the historic Reformed and covenantal understanding of how Scriptures (and especially the OT in relation to the NT) are to be interpreted. These essays—for their conciseness and clarity—will prove to be an excellent introduction to biblical interpretation.”

Philip Tachin

Lecturer, National Open University of Nigeria, Lagos

“That Christ is both the center and goal of the Old Testament is a distinctive perspective which Westminster greatly underscores. This is drawn from Scriptural attestation that Christ is the last spoken word of God which encompasses God’s spoken word in the Old Testament past. . . . The representative scholars in this great work have left no one in doubt about their collective determination to bequeath a legacy of faithful and distinctive scholarship to their successors. I wholly recommend this work to all.”

Michael Allen

Associate Professor of Systematic and Historical Theology, Reformed Theological Seminary

“Reformed theology helps us see the gospel and read the Bible more faithfully. These brief essays help suggest ways in which our confession might better enable us in both tasks.”

Noel Weeks

Senior Lecturer in Ancient History and Associate of the Department of Classics and Ancient History, University of Sydney

“Were the Christological prophecies and anticipations, which Jesus, and the New Testament in general, saw in the Old Testament, planted there by God, with the human authors having some notion of what was involved? Or were they the retrojection of a later age, whether or not God had some role in that later perception? The first option affirms God’s inspiration as the source of the teaching of both Old and New Testaments. The second option drifts away from the immediate role of God in the writing of Scriptures towards a more Deist notion of the action of God in the world. This work concisely outlines the understanding of inspiration, interpretation and kindred subjects, which allows us to affirm that Jesus’ interpretation of the Old Testament was in accord with the original plan of God.”

Harry Reeder

Senior Pastor, Briarwood Presbyterian Church, Birmingham

“It is a privilege to commend Seeing Christ in All of Scripture. This volume not only affirms the continued integrity and excellence of theological education at Westminster, it also pointedly highlights Westminster’s leadership in the propagation of biblical theology, solid biblical exegesis, and confessional integrity.”

Hans Madueme

Assistant Professor of Theological Studies, Covenant College

“This small book was forged out of the recent controversy over Scripture and hermeneutics at Westminster Theological Seminary. Written clearly and with minimal jargon, it can be read in one sitting—but don’t be deceived, for it is bursting with rich insights. Lillback and his A-team have effectively given us a short theological meditation on Luke 24, one that clarifies what Christocentric reading of the Bible means for Machen’s Seminary and the Old Princeton tradition that it represents. I recommend the book highly.”

Dennis E. Johnson

Professor of Practical Theology, Westminster Seminary California; author, Him We Proclaim: Preaching Christ from All the Scriptures and Walking with Jesus through His Word: Discovering Christ in All the Scriptures

“These essays set forth what is entailed in Christ-centered biblical interpretation that seeks to be ever mindful that God is Scripture’s primary Author. They do so with a clarity born of painful controversy. . . . Brief though they are, these pieces sketch out sound principles for exploring both the profound unity and the variety of God’s inerrant Word.”

Pierre Berthoud

Emeritus Professor, Faculté Jean Calvin

“The authors of this short study present clearly and comprehensively the main aspects of sound biblical interpretation. . . . By emphasizing the interdependency of biblical and systematic theology, they argue convincingly that Jesus Christ is not only the goal of Old Testament revelation, but the center of the Bible’s entire redemptive message. Written within the particular context of Westminster Theological Seminary, this book is a gift to the Church universal.”

Julius J. Kim

Dean of Students and Professor of Practical Theology, Westminster Seminary California

“At a time when the trustworthiness and relevance of God’s Word continues to be minimized, I am thankful for the faithful ministry of Westminster Theological Seminary. Through this important new book, these eminent scholars have provided not only a clear description of Christ-centered interpretation, but also its compelling and life-changing nature. This is a book that is timely, accessible, and edifying.”

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