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Years More than 80 years went into this book of sermons—30 years of experience and education from Murray, 40 years of preservation and transcription by churches, 10 years of planning and preparation by Westminster.
Sermons Topics include justification, the priesthood of Christ, the atonement, sanctification, discipleship, and more.
Countries The volume is an international effort—Swedish paper, Italian binding, Scottish preaching, and American vision.
Authors The book includes a foreword by Sinclair Ferguson, an introduction by K. Scott Oliphint, and chapters by John Murray.
Italian Clothbound

Enjoy a 55% Discount

What People Are Saying

Derek Thomas

Senior Pastor, First Presbyterian Church, Columbia, SC

“These sermons represent the very finest sermonic material. Every word, carefully chosen; every argument, carefully analyzed. A book to read and re-read. Treasure indeed!”

Steven Lawson

President, OnePassion Ministries

“Far from a dry lecturer in the pulpit, this Scottish-born expositor was a powerhouse whenever he stood before an open Bible and expounded its truths. He repeatedly instructed his students, ‘To the text, men. To the text.’ This is precisely what we see in the pages of these collected sermons. We observe a man relentlessly taking us to the text of Scripture, explaining it carefully, applying it wisely, and challenging us to live out the reality of its message. This book will be a profound aid to your Christian life as you read the pages of these masterful expositions.”

Alistair Begg

Senior Pastor, Parkside Church, Cleveland, OH

“Here is a collection of sermons without additives—no unnecessary words, no superfluous illustrations. How unlike so many of our current efforts. Professor Murray opens up the text and leaves us in no doubt about what it means and why it matters. Ever since reading his commentary on Romans, I have turned regularly to his Collected Writings. I am thrilled to have this new volume, which I commend with a measure of pride in the work of this Highland Scot!”

Joe Novenson

Senior Teaching Pastor, Lookout Mountain Presbyterian Church, Lookout Mountain, TN

“The weight and wonder of each sermon almost forbids that one read them one after the other. You must push back from the table and rest the soul before you partake of more than one at a time. One is seated here before a feast of biblical delight! Savor it! Slowly taste it and deeply digest! There are sentences and even whole paragraphs that seem to me impossible to perfect. They are as poetically beautiful as they are theologically precise. If one thinks my words are hyperbolic or dramatic, that merely proves you have not yet read this outstanding collection.”

Donald Whitney

Professor of Biblical Spirituality, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

“This is meaty preaching—exegetical, doctrinal, God-glorifying, Christ-centered, and welded to the text. Those who heard these sermons knew, and those who now read them will know, that Murray had no desire to preach himself, but only the Word of the living God.”

George Marsden

Francis A. McAnaney Professor of History, Emeritus, University of Notre Dame

“Some of the best ‘sermons’ I ever heard were lectures by John Murray in systematic theology. The actual sermons in this collection have many of the same qualities. Although they are not as complex as the lectures, they are just as passionate and as precise in explaining the meanings of biblical texts. One must imagine the quiet intensity with which these were presented, urging the hearers to appreciate the monumental importance of the doctrines involved and the grandeur of the realities to which these doctrines point.”

Michael Horton

J. Gresham Machen Professor of Systematic Theology & Apologetics, Westminster Seminary California

“Our access to the edifying saints at rest is their writings, but until now we’ve only had John Murray’s remarkable exegetical and theological insights. This volume rounds out his profile as a minister of the Word, which is, after all, the whole purpose of theology. These sermons are moving, faithful, and as relevant as ever. What a gift!”

Leland Ryken

Professor of English, Emeritus, Wheaton College

“The sermons that comprise this volume are so engaging that once we start reading them it is almost impossible to put them down. Their genius is that Professor Murray makes each one a journey of exploration in which he serves as an expert travel guide. The ongoing momentum of each sermon is breathtaking, aided by numerical schemes, the pursuing of ideas to their logical conclusion, raising and answering questions that naturally arise, and moving toward application at the end. The form and craft of these sermons are as much a part of their excellence and appeal as is the edification that they impart. We expect edification in a sermon, but these sermons give us pleasure as well.”

Donald MacLeod

Professor of Systematic Theology, Emeritus, Free Church of Scotland College

“These sermons have been held back for far too long. Doctrinally rich, heart-warming, and sometimes profoundly solemn, they deserve a wide circulation. Seldom has justification by faith been preached with greater clarity or the Father’s love found a more passionate expositor. A feast for the hungry soul!”

John Frame

Professor of Systematic Theology & Philosophy

“As we would expect, the sermons are deeply theological, and they engage many of the themes stressed in Murray’s systematic writings: definitive and progressive sanctification; the Father’s love as the ultimate source of the atonement; Jesus’s ontological and economic lordship; the believer’s union with Christ in his death and resurrection; and many others. But these are actual sermons, and Murray here is concerned not just to validate doctrinal formulations. Again and again he addresses his hearers, exhorting them to attend to the very practical consequences of the teachings. We often see how a frequently overlooked doctrinal distinction brings the believer to a new dimension of heart-commitment and consistent discipleship. Let me exhort you now to take advantage of this feast. Learn from the depths of Scripture from one of its best students.”

Kelly Kapic

Professor of Theological Studies, Covenant College

“John Murray was a tremendous biblical theologian, but he was not always the most accessible author. Thankfully, readers may now taste the fruits of some of his labors in a more welcoming medium. Through this collection of his sermons Murray speaks plainly and pastorally, allowing his insights to come through more clearly and personally. He speaks to the head and the heart, and we would do well to listen to his voice.”

Paul Miller

Author, A Praying Life

“Murray’s sermons feel more modern than many good sermons I hear today. His insights are fresh, his posture is warm, his language is clear. Scripture comes alive!”

Philip Ryken

President, Wheaton College

“Reading John Murray as a seminary student was a revelation. The Scottish theologian’s careful attention to the biblical text, precise manner of theological expression, and unwavering focus on the saving work of Jesus Christ on every page of his books and essays enlivened my faith. In this beautiful volume, one of my favorite theologians takes his piety into the pulpit, expounding the gospel of Jesus Christ in some of the Bible’s most well-known and influential texts.”

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